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Frogang Foundation takes on the 2022 Hip Hop Nutcracker! Thanks to the Pittsburgh cultural Trust!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

This was such a amazing experience for the Frogang girls and their parents ! Talk about a goood time ! Whew ! It started with a catered dinner, then a a tour of beautiful Graffiti Art created by Juliandra Jones, Dejouir Brown, Max Gonzales, Shane Pilster, Jerome Charles, Ashley Hodder, and KEMIST ONE. The girls and their parents then participated in constructing artwork that included self portraits of themselves and then we watched the show. It was live, interactive, funny and just a overall great experience for us . Kurtis Blow had the crowd rocking, moving and grooving to his funky sounds.The girls couldn't stop dancing ! We at Frogang Foundation recommend the show for all ages !

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