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Its funny, I saw this question one day on a meme as I scrolled on FB and it made me think... hmmmm what would my hair really say? What story would it tell? I mean , my hair and I have been through many many ups and downs ,I'm sure someone out there can attest and be a witness! Lol can I get a AMEN!? ... no but forreal ! I know my hair would probably be loud, bold and full of SPUNK! Encouraging the world to love their natural hair and the Afro style! Word ! Right on! Are words my hair would use..... but back then... it would have probably been timid, shy . Light weight embarrassed to even be out for the world to see. My hair before the mental deprogramming of not likeing my hair .... would say ... noooooo braid me back up.. and put that sew in in.... the one that comes with the more silky straight hair! That hair is more beautiful..., manageable ..... and visible to the world. Sheesh yea hurtful right ... when you really think about it. We've all be there ... or still there either way think about it? What would your hair say?

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